An Introduction

Hi; I'm new here so please, bear with me. I want to use this blog as an expression of my new "mindful" approach to photography. Having taken some time out of the Rattus rattus-race to focus on photography (seriously, no pun intended) I realised that a big part of the struggle towards making "serious" photos is to actively slow down and give thought to the images being created.

So, that is what I am trying to do and I thought it may help me (and maybe you?) if I also tried to capture that process as a written narrative.

So, to the blog.

The plan (intention) is for a regular (weekly?) post featuring a recently captured image and a description of how (and why) I took it. I will, of course, give the technical details (lens, exposure etc) for the final image, but i'll also try to construct an account of the original intent behind the photo and the process I went through in trying to realise it.

Lets see...